Why We Ride

The Sunflowers to Roses ride was envisioned by a group of professional peers and friends who wanted to honor the cancer battles and memory of Chris Anthony and Jack Lockton.  During their battles- both men were inspired to Live Strong by the LIVESTRONG campaign.  The original board envisioned a remarkable event and a best in class-well supported bike tour.  Today, the Sunflowers to Roses Organization continues to host the annual S2R Bike Tour to raise money and awareness to fight cancer, assist local cancer survivors and promotes cycling as a healthy recreational & family activity. 

To promote awareness of, and participation in, the Sunflowers to Roses Organization’s various events that appeal to a broad spectrum of people, and to raise ongoing financial support in the fight against cancer.

Sunflowers to Roses Organization, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization, IRS Tax ID 52-2416416. All donations to the organization are fully tax deductible as allowed by law.

Sunflowers to Roses
PO BOX 26222
Overland Park, KS 66213
(913) 642-8885

About Cancer Action

Cancer Action is a local Kansas City community-based nonprofit agency offering a comprehensive array of programs and services addressing the physical, social, emotional, financial and spiritual needs of cancer survivors… people with cancer, their family, friends and supporters. Cancer Action offers support in ways that Sunflowers to Roses values through dedication to reducing distress and improving the quality of life for those living with, through and beyond cancer. Cancer Action promotes education, prevention and early detection to reduce the impact of cancer in Greater Kansas City. Both Sunflowers to Roses and Cancer Action offer education, empowerment, hope and comfort to those touched by cancer in our Kansas City community. All of Cancer Action programs and services are provided free of charge. Sunflowers to Roses has provided a movement room and helps keep these programs free to all who need them.

Cancer Action is actively expanding its “heart” of care to better meet the needs of our community today and for the years ahead. Important research has been done to determine unmet needs of cancer patients and survivors. Many of those needs identified by the Lance Armstrong Foundation have been seen across the country and are being addressed here in Kansas City through the comprehensive support given at Cancer Action. Cancer Action is continuing its tradition of compassionate, vital care into the next 50 years, and is in a position to do that through careful planning and development of new programs, services and preparing facilities to be a place of comfort, hope and support to those with cancer at every stage of their journey.

Come and see the Sunflowers to Roses Movement Room at Cancer Action’s Johnson County Headquarters (10520 Barkley, Ste. 100; Overland Park, KS 66212). Sunflowers to Roses committed to a grant of $30,000 to make this room a reality. Many wellness programs take place in this facility to help those with cancer. A variety of classes and programs including movement classes, art, journaling, comfort massage and other complementary approaches to care are offered to help reduce stress and aid in dealing with the physical and emotional impact of cancer, cancer treatment and recovery. For a current list of upcoming programs, please click here for a calendar of Cancer Action Events.